Moving Right Along 

phantom Paws

whew! It’s hot!

I’m happy to get up early! Woof!

Pet parent would say getting up early is RuFF! But she knows, the later the hotter and more crowded. Sorta kills the joy of early morning walks For her. I’m too much of a celebrity, takes us forever with all the people stopping to ask if I’m a puppy.

Why yesssss I am! Awwww! 🙂

This way! I’m pack leader!! (Shhhhh! Don’t tell the dog trainer I know I’m the REAL pack leader!)

I’ve become very comfortable with the docks for canoes. Each morning I make sure they are secure. I like to stop and nibble on the metal chains to make sure the chains are nice and tight. Boy! Do my puppy teeth love that! Pet parent, not so much. She squirms.

Check! All secure today!

A few weeks ago, you never would have seen me walk out on…

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