Brrrrr! It’s Soo Cold in July! 

phantom Paws

I will nevvvvver say, it’s hot AGAIN! Nevaaaah!!

Why? Because just when I’m sure my pet parent isn’t listening, she is! And what’s the problem with that? Ideas!! Ideas come to her!! Ideas, that usually result in me “growing” and becoming a more “confident” puppy. Honestly, has she noticed a lack of schnauzer confidence around here! I think not!

Sadly though, she has noticed my avoidance of water. It’s a choice! Not a fear! It’s better to be dry! Hello! Fluffy fur!

So I say it’s hot. 💡ding! She sees cool water and makes a trip to some weird people place called Walmart.

She returns with this-

Uhhhh do you see any schnauzers in this picture? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Nope! Moi neither! But what do we know, right? I only have exceptional sight.So here we go, pet parent insanity. Find your swimmies fast!

Apperantly she got the safari watering hole. Lol! Here…

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