A Few Baby Turtles

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Willis Island Walking

A popular definition of insanity states that if you do the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different outcome, you’re insane. I strongly disagree. Whoever spoke those words had a limited understanding of patience. In terms of walking, for just over two months now I have done the same thing over and over, fully expecting a different outcome each time, and I am happy to report a different outcome came to be. 


After reaching 300 laps and completing another milestone, I was rewarded with a very different sight. In the midst of a lap – the 300th lap actually – and in broad daylight with no warning, a nest of baby turtles hatched at once and in a prison break-like mad dash over the beach made their ways into the water.


At first I wondered if these were a new species, not the usual green sea turtles whose…

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