Tomorrow Land?

My amazing friend @buyingflowers, studying to bring her art to the business of funeral services.

Dust & Blooms

I had to consider a case this week about scattering ashes of a loved one. The case involved a young woman who made a promise to her mother to scatter her remains at a very well-known public place that also happens to be private property. I’m not disclosing the place, it wouldn’t be fair to the business. The young woman didn’t ask for permission to scatter the ashes, she simply gained entrance, waited for the right time,  no one was looking, and poof! Her mother was scattered. The question I faced was, do I report her to the business? Technically, she broke the law. The property owner has rights, and as a business the impact of potentially being known as a place where people scatter remains . . .may not be the perfect fit for the reputation any business.

The overall American demand for cremation in the United States is…

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